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Iveco Stralis Hi-Way


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The NEW IVECO STRALIS truck raises the stakes on productivity and profitability with a complete package tailored to suit every transport business.

The new STRALIS truck has undergone a complete driveline redesign, from engine to tyres; it features a new electrical and electronic architecture, a new best-in-class transmission, new rear axle and suspension, and introduces the latest-generation GPS predictive functions and specific features to enhance efficiency, fuel economy and sustainability.

All the new features and upgrades maximize productivity and profitability of real-life transport business. We developed for our Customers a complete set of integrated efficiency-boosting solutions that include the “TCO2 live” programme and its exclusive services:
• TCO2 SMART REPORT – weekly reporting on driving style and fuel consumption,
• TCO2 ADVISING – fuel saving advice,
• TCO2 DRIVING – economy-oriented driving courses,
• and the exclusive UPTIME GUARANTEE formula.

The new range’s two models deliver performance, high efficiency and low emissions in every mission.
NEW STRALIS XP truck was developed for long-distance missions and features fuel-efficiency solutions such as SMART EGR, optimised rear-axle ratio, eco-tyres and the new Fuel Consultancy Services. It also features the HI-CRUISE GPS-predictive system – that manages cruising, gearshifting and eco-roll by integrating driving parameters with state-of-the-art GPS-mapping technology.

NEW STRALIS truck has the right solution for all municipal, light construction and urban delivery missions thanks to the HI-STREET and HI-ROAD short-to-mid-range cabins and a wide offer of low-emissions and high-torque engines at different power ratings.

NEW STRALIS perfectly suits the mission thanks to its technical solutions for weight reduction and its compliance to the stringent requirements of the ADR agreement. In addition, our HI-SCR system offers a decisive advantage: no active regeneration and lower exhaust temperature make it the most suitable solution for restricted areas such as airports, ships, tunnels, refineries and fuel loading bays.

NEW STRALIS truck offers excellent fuel-saving performance also on medium-range regional routes, thanks to a complete package of fuel-efficient features that perfectly match vehicle configuration and mission characteristics. The GPS-predictive HI-CRUISE system is offered as standard on NEW STRALIS XP, and can be specified as optional on NEW STRALIS.
NEW STRALIS XP: up to -5.6% TCO & up TP -11% CO2

TCO and sustainability have been the core in the NEW STRALIS truck redesign. We have worked on:
• efficiency – increased with mission-specific fuel-saving solutions (like SMART EGR),
• predictive capacity – offered by the HI-CRUISE system,
• rolling resistance – reduced with eco-tyres,
• energy optimisation – achieved with smart auxiliaries.
In a heavy truck, fuel alone represents 35 to 40% of Total Cost of Ownership: for any transporter, reducing fuel consumption is critical to gaining competitiveness. The NEW STRALIS marks a double-digit improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the previous model, and new technologies, features and services have also been added to further reduce TCO. Fuel savings on NEW STRALIS XP may be as high as 11% – and this translates into a 5.6% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.
Euro 6/C compliance
IVECO HI-SCR is simply the best selective catalytic reduction system on the market: the only one that achieves a 97% NOx-abatement level. This means that Euro 6 standards can be met without EGR.

• The most suitable solution in missions such as deliveries, refuse collection, road sweeping, off-road, airports, refineries and fuel loading areas

• Compact, lightweight technology for the best combination of efficiency and long service life
• No additional component on the engine or bigger cooling system are required

• Longest maintenance intervals on the market

• All HI-SCR benefits maintained (safety, lightness, no parked regeneration)
• Substantial fuel savings in long-distance haulage missions
IVECO is among the first Brands on the market to adopt the new “Triple A” MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ F and D2 eco-tyres.
Minimised rolling resistance results in significant savings (compared to current X Line tyres):
• up to 1 litre/100 km of fuel saved with new tyres
• 0.5 litre/100 km (on average) saved during first life
• an environmental benefit of 1.33 kg of CO2 every 100 km, corresponding to over 3.7 tons during first life.

On NEW STRALIS truck, fuel savings with the new eco-tyres can reach 1.5%.
Michelin eco-tyres can be specified on the full range, and are offered as standard on NEW STRALIS XP.

The electric and electronic architecture of the NEW STRALIS truck has been entirely re-designed, and new electronic units have been developed in order to handle more functions with optimised resources.
The new HI-MUX technology offers improved reliability, more data management capability and the opportunity to introduce car-like functions. The network is twice as fast to manage the big amount of data required by the HI-CRUISE GPS-based predictive system.

HI-MUX on-board electronic units communicate through two physical wires using a common protocol.
Its architecture is modular, split into two for improved flexibility and serviceability, and integrated in a new layout with pneumatic and AdBlue® hoses. Hoses and cables run in parallel along the length of the chassis, in an orderly and straightforward layout that facilitates servicing and repairs, resulting in more uptime.

New Iveco STRALIS Hi-Way voted "International Truck of the Year 2013"

9/18/2012 8:09 PM

The new STRALIS Hi-Way, the heavy-duty truck of Iveco, has won the “International Truck of the Year” award 2013, the annual trophy of the 25 leading commercial vehicle magazines in Europe for the truck that, according to the Jury, “has made the greatest contribution to road transport efficiency from several different perspectives including: fuel economy; safety; driveability; comfort and a low-environmental ‘footprint’”.

The important award was presented at the gala evening of the 64th edition of the Hanover International Motor Show, the largest commercial and industrial vehicle show in Europe.
"We are proud of this award. The new STRALIS sets a benchmark in efficiency, quality and value for the customer. The vehicle is a true showcase of our revamped company strategy of being close to our customers, delivering excellent products”, said Alfredo Altavilla, Iveco CEO, receiving the award.

The New STRALIS Hi-Way: main innovations in brief
The main features of the new STRALIS Hi-Way are the significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the proprietary catalytic reduction system HI-eSCR, developed by FPT Industrial.

Combining the quality of the product with a range of integrated services, including programmed assistance, fleet management and driver training for economical driving, the new STRALIS can achieve a reduction in TCO of up to 4% on an international mission with a tractor STRALIS Hi-Way over an average distance of 130,000 kilometers a year, for four years.

The new STRALIS is equipped with Cursor FPT Industrial engines, ensuring low fuel consumption and excellent performance. The unique High Efficiency SCR (HI-eSCR) catalytic reduction system, designed, patented and produced by FPT Industrial, makes the new STRALIS the only heavy vehicle on the market to meet Euro VI emission limits without the use of EGR. The FPT Industrial High Efficiency SCR system reduces nitrogen oxide levels by over 95%. The after-treatment technology of FPT Industrial for Euro VI vehicles is unique and exclusive, since it meets the strict limits for nitrogen oxide emissions, without increasing fuel consumption.

The STRALIS Hi-Way comes, in addition, with a thoroughly redesigned cabin. The improved ergonomics and comfort are the product of close cooperation with dealers and customers. The external restyling of the cab has focused on improving vehicle aerodynamics and therefore fuel efficiency, and features a new central grille and redesigned “air deflectors” and a new bumper dam design, among others.

The vehicle incorporates new advanced and integrated telematics services, improved customer services instruments and the most advanced road safety features, such as EBS with the Brake Assistant function, Lane Departure Warning System, ESP, Adaptive Cruise Control, Daytime Running Lights, the new Driver Attention Support function and the Advanced Emergency Braking System.

To improve driver performance, the new STRALIS adds to the already broad range an offer with the unique "Driving Style Evaluation" function, an instrument that allows the driver to improve driving behaviour in real time. Additionally, if connected to the IVECONNECT FLEET system, this program allows the fleet manager to remotely assess the performance of each individual driver.

The new STRALIS is produced in the Iveco plant in Madrid, Spain, in accordance with the highest standards in manufacturing quality.
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