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Iveco Trakker


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Productivity and safety in extreme conditions

The new Trakkers make every job possible. Insurmountable obstacle? Yes, they can. Insuperable limit? Yes, they can.

Iveco's New Trakker range brings you a better, more functional design to optimise performance and reliability.

The New Trakker is designed to work in all weathers and on all types of terrain – from unmetalled roads to extreme off-road conditions – with the utmost safety, comfort and productivity.

Thanks to the features offered and the extensive range of variants, the New Trakker is the right vehicle for every mission
Frame in high-yield-strength steel
A structure designed for extreme conditions

One of the key strengths of all Iveco vehicles has always been the reliability and robustness of their frames, and these strengths are even more evident on the new New Trakker.

Consisting of double-bottleneck, U-section rails in special steel, the frames are available in 2 thicknesses  (7.7mm for applications in which tare weight is a priority and 10mm for the most demanding missions).

The New Trakker offers various types of suspension, including mechanical suspension with parabolic or semi-elliptical leaf springs. For enhanced comfort and optimum stability, there are also models with air suspension with four bellows and ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension).

To achieve the highest levels of productivity, beyond the reach of others, the New Trakker has further improved its performance. For Iveco, looking after the driver means not only providing an ideal work vehicle, but also offering robust, functional design.
State-of-the-art gearboxes
Reliable, efficient gearboxes
The manual gearboxes on the New Trakker are 16-speed ZF units. They are perfectly tailored to the mission of the vehicle, and offer high levels of reliability, low maintenance costs and increased efficiency and productivity. They are also exceptionally easy to use, thanks to the double H layout.

The 16-speed mechanical gearbox is equipped with a servo-shift system for increased driver comfort and quick, precise gear changes.  The pneumatic servo system reduces driver effort during gear changes by 50%, and gear lever travel has been reduced by 40%.

Eurotronic = comfort and reliability

As well as conventional manual gearboxes, the New Trakker offers all the technological excellence of the EuroTronic automated gearbox with steering-wheel-mounted gear lever.
This offers a host of benefits, including a 60kg weight reduction compared with the manual gearbox, more compact dimensions and a smaller number of pneumatic and electrical connections.
The absence of synchronisers makes gear changes quicker and more secure: the system prevents incorrect gear selection.

The EuroTronic gearbox can be used in fully automatic or semi-automatic mode. The automatic gear shift is calculated on the basis of load, traffic conditions and driving style, thus optimising acceleration, fuel consumption and comfort.
For use in difficult conditions, such as off-road driving, you can select off-road mode, by pressing a button on the dashboard, for increased torque and pull-away power.
Smart practical solutions
The New Trakker is enhanced with styling solutions that give even more strength to its unmistakable looks. The new front stands out for its central grille, re-designed bumper cladding and re-styled sun visor.

Vehicle protection

All structural and cab parts have been designed with a mix of on- and off-road use in mind.
The steel front bumper is divided into three parts to reduce the cost of replacement in the event of partial damage.

A protective grille is fitted as standard on the light-clusters, to protect them against damage caused by stones or protruding objects.
A steel plate under the front bumper can also be specified as an option, to protect the radiator and intercooler system.

The New Trakker also comes with vertical silencers as standard, for use of equipment when the vehicle is stationary with the engine on.
Hi-Comfort and Ergonomics
The cab of the New Trakker is designed around the driver. Class-leading ergonomics, comfort, safety and infotainment provide an optimum work environment that maximises productivity on every job.

Three cab versions are available:

o short (Hi-Land)
o long  (Hi-Track)
o long with high roof (Hi-Track)

The driver's seat plays a key role in the driver's work environment. On the New Trakker, it is equipped with:

o integrated head restraint and seat belt
o adjustable air suspension and a quick lowering device
o seat swab adjustable for height, angle and depth (with optional heating)
o adjustable seat back with lumbar support

The New Trakker can be approved to accommodate up to three people.
Even in quarry vehicles, it is vital to have plenty of high-capacity storage compartments to keep the things you need tidy.
All the compartments are within easy reach and are easy to open and close.

Depending on the type of cab, the storage compartments are located:

o in the overhead windscreen rack
o between the driver and passenger seats
o under the seats
o under the bottom bunk (Hi-Track cab only)
o in the doors
The Cursor engines with variable-geometry turbo offer class-leading power and torque, excellent driveability and targeted solutions for reducing fuel consumption and vehicle downtimes.

As well as meeting these limits, the SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction using AdBlue additive) adopted by Iveco across its entire medium/heavy range also contributes to reducing running costs (with 5% lower fuel consumption).
The Cursor range is lightweight and low-maintenance (with service intervals of up to 150,000 km), and offers enhanced reliability. Because unlike EGR, SCR does not involve gas recirculation in the combustion chamber.

Braking system
Safety on-board the New Trakker

The decompression engine brake on the Cursor engines, combined with the variable-geometry turbo or CEB, ensures safe braking and reduces recourse to the service brake - thereby reducing demands on the wear parts. Vehicles without all-wheel drive have disc brakes up front and drum brakes at the rear, electronically controlled by ABS and EBL systems - for optimising brake force according to load - and ASR (anti-slip regulation) as an option. All-wheel drive versions mount duoduplex drum brakes on all the wheels.
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